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What is a Dental Prosthetist?

A dental prosthetist is a highly qualified and skilled member of the dental profession who constructs, fits and provides a complete and professional denture care service.

A dental prosthetist is required to complete two courses of study. The first is to become a qualified dental technician followed by a 2 year course in clinical training to become a dental prosthetist. Dental prosthetists are also required by law to obtain 60hrs over 3 years of professional development training to keep up with changes in technology.

Their role as a dental professional is to maintain, repair and reline dentures as required by the patient, or referring practitioner. Your Dental Prosthetist will personally consult, advise and assist you in all relevant aspects of your treatment and where necessary, provide you with appropriate treatment.

The tissue and underlying bone in the mouth are continually changing. Over time your dentures will need to be adjusted, relined or replaced to maintain a good fit.
Your dental prosthetist will advise when this is necessary.