One System – Many Applications.

Product Shot

Product Shot

As a result of the predosed units, users benefit from consistent, accurate mixing ratios. In addition, direct skin contact with the monomer is avoided.

Precision fit due to the compensation of shrinkage

The consistent flow of material compensates for volume shrinkage during the polymerization process. The result: precision fit, excellent finish, glossy basal surface.

Quality products from a single manufacturer

The appropriate tooth for every indication. The highly esthetic and functional SR Phonares II tooth line is recommended for the fabrication of quality dentures with IvoBase.

The IvoBase systems offers benefits for patients, dental technicians and clinicians.

For patients

The IvoBase system produces very comfortable dentures, due to excellent fit, dimensional stability and surface finish. The patient is also left feeling confident due to the low residual monomer content and reduced fracture risk.

For dental technicians

The IvoBase system is space-saving and location-independent, as only an electrical connection is required. Further, it is time-saving, since the injection and polymerization process is automatic.

Finally, the system allows for constant quality, as coordinated processes run independently.

For the clinician

The system proves economical, since the finished work corresponds to the wax-up. It is the optimum solution for a variety of patients.

View the video below for additional information on the IvoBase System.