sr phonares
Expressive aesthetic denture teeth

Setting new standards of functionality and aesthetics.

Hornsby Denture Clinic has recently introduced the use of SR Phonares II tooth moulds. The SR Phonares II tooth moulds embody the essence of natural dentition. Each mould has been sculpted to deliver the ultimate lifelike result. They allow Stephen and his team excellent opportunities to create dental restorations inspired by nature.

Characteristics of the SR Phonares II tooth moulds include;

Carefully honed esthetics

Including unparalleled surface characteristics and the harmonious distribution of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence.

Impressive functionality

Seen in the lifelike “white esthetics” due to specially designed interdental closures and the easy setup of anterior teeth due to proximal “Set & Fit” design

Individually layered tooth moulds

The tooth moulds are specifically layered to suit the characteristics of each individual tooth shape. The innovative injection moulding technology used in the manufacturing of the teeth fuses the individual tooth layers seamlessly together.

Material structure

Nano-hybrid composite is characterized by high strength. Excellent wear resistance and tolerant, resistant behavioural characteristics set this material apart.

Natural-looking esthetics

The skill lies in selecting the correct components in the correct quantities. The refractive indices of the individual fillers have been coordinated with each other to enhance the natural shade effect of this material and facilitate shade selection for the restoration.

Given their characteristics, the SR Phonares II teeth are suitable for esthetically and functionally demanding restorative procedures. These procedures include partial and combination dentures, and complete dentures, hybrid and implant-supported overdentures

If you wish to learn more about this new technology, please contact us on 9477 7650.