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Upcoming Appointment Information for Patients

Within the environment of COVID-19 we are asking for your assistance in keeping the Denture Clinic as safe as possible so all our patients feel safe to attend. It is very important that the guidelines below are strictly adhered to so that the clinic is safe for our staff and clinicians, our patients and all our families. We are mindful that we have vulnerable patients visit us on a daily basis (vulnerable either due to their health or their age) and we want to provide a safe environment so that people feel they can continue their denture treatment. If you have any questions you can call to discuss on 9477 7650 or email us at hdc@smartchat.net.au We need to maintain social distancing in waiting rooms so we will not have the room for accompanying persons within the practice. Therefore, we request patients only to enter the clinic and only have an accompanying person if absolutely necessary. Exceptions are if a patient requires assistance to attend in which case, they can have one person in attendance. No additional friends or family members to attend please. For exceptions please phone 9477 7650 to discuss.

All our requirements are based on the latest advise from NSW Health and our Dental Governing bodies. To this extent we will require proof of double vaccination either prior to or on the day of attendance. Failure to do so may attract a cancellation fee and rescheduling of your appointment. Single vaccinated and non vaccinated patients will require a negative Covid test result obtained within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment. Entry to the practice before your allocated appointment, will be limited to a maximum of 10 mins prior to the appointment time. We must maintain minimal numbers of patients in the practice and waiting rooms so arriving early will add to this number. If you arrive early perhaps wait in your car or take a seat outside, weather permitting. We understand this could be frustrating but in the interest of keeping our vulnerable patients safe as well as our staff these are all necessary and important steps to keep our business operational.

You will be asked the questions set out below as recommended by the Dept of Health: Have you been vaccinated for Covid 19? Have you or a household member been in close contact with a known Covid 19 case in the past 14 days and been asked to isolate? If so you should be in isolation and be tested to check your own status. You can arrange a Telehealth consult with us if you require denture advice sooner. Have you been to an identified Covid 19 exposure site in the past 14 days? Have you been tested for Covid 19 in the past 14 days? Are you feeling unwell? Are you experiencing shortness of breath? Recent loss or altered sense of taste or smell?

Thank you for assisting us to maintain a safe environment at the clinic and we hope this gives you some reassurance of the measures we are taking to protect our patients.

All our staff are double vaccinated for your protection. We look forward to seeing you at your appointment.

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