Dr. Abe and Stephen 2016 Sydney Demonstration

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Dr Abe will be in Sydney on May 2nd 2016 conducting a hands on demonstration of his technique which is taking the world by storm. His innovative technique is changing the lives of full lower denture wearers throughout the world. Implant treatment is costly and can only benefit those that can afford it or have the required bone structure. Dr Abe’s method has the potential to benefit all full lower denture wearers without the need for expensive surgical procedures.

Stephen has the pleasure of assisting him at the Sydney demonstration and if you would like to see his technique performed, please contact Arnie Jabour at IvoclarVivadent (03) 9795 9599.

Stephen attained his Master Instructor certification from Dr Abe in November 2014 and conducts 2 day hands on clinical workshops in his own practice or if preferred at the clinicians practice.
If you would like further information you can contact Stephen on (02) 9477 7650 or email hdc@smartchat.net.au.