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Complimentary Consultation

You will find a list of our services below with a brief description of each service. It is very important to seek professional advice before deciding on which treatment option you will proceed with. Sometimes there will be only one option but, in many cases, there may be a variety of options to choose from.

For this reason we offer our patients a complimentary consultation to discuss your treatment options and allow you to make an informed choice before proceeding. Whatever treatment you decide on, our state of the art dentures will help restore the natural movements of the jaw and provide better phonetics. In addition, they must be compatible with the sensitive tissues in the mouth.

Dentures should be comfortable to wear, so that they are taken for granted during eating and speaking. Most importantly, the correct denture will restore a carefree smile to your face.

Can’t get to us? We come to you!
We provide homebound patients high quality, compassionate denture treatment.
Let us ease the burden placed on families and carers.
We are happy to attend your home, retirement village or rest home.

If you have had or need to have a tooth extracted it is usually possible to add the tooth to your existing denture. A replacement clasp can also be added if necessary. This procedure may be performed either before or after the extraction occurs.

Most broken dentures can be repaired and restored to their previous condition.
Repairs are usually completed on the same day with the occasional exception.
Your dental prosthetist will assess the damage and advise you of treatment time and costs prior to carrying out the repair.

Custom mouthguards are made to fit the teeth and gums closely and therefore offer greater comfort and protection than pre-fabricated mouthguards. They not only help minimise dental injury but can also reduce the severity of concussion whilst playing contact sports.

HICAPS is an electronic health claiming and payments system that lets you process your claim automatically after your treatment and before you leave the surgery or practice. With HICAPS you no longer have to make a separate trip to your private health fund branch to lodge your claim or send your claim via the post. The claim is finalised on the spot immediately after your treatment.

BPS Dentures are a systematic combination of clinically proven materials that together with the expertise of your dental prosthetist produces dentures that will fulfil your personal requirements.

A full denture is a removable appliance replacing all of the natural teeth and the associated tissues and is supported by the gums. Full dentures can also be retained by implants for better stability and function. We strive to provide the highest quality dentures in the North Shore.

A partial denture is a removable appliance replacing one or more missing natural teeth and associated tissues. It is supported by the natural remaining teeth and gums. It replaces what is lost and preserves what is left.

Loose dentures can be remedied with the addition of implant anchors positioned by a Dental Surgeon. Your Dental Prosthetist will fit dentures over implants to provide stability, increased chewing force, reduced tissue irritations, and decreased bone loss.

Relines restore the fitting surface of your old dentures and adapt them more closely to your gums in the same fashion as a new denture would. This can help reduce movement and improve suction as well as fill in areas that trap food particles.